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White Pocket Square Sleeve with Magnetic Holder

White Pocket Square Sleeve with Magnetic Holder

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The pocket square for men: reimagined and redesigned for revolutionary ease!
  • Innovative pocket square set - sleeve design (8.5 cm) wide - no lateral folder
  • Insert for firmness. No careless crinkles. The cotton pocket square itself is of a sleeve design. A thin piece of plastic is inserted in the bottom of the sleeve, providing structural integrity to the pocket square.
  • Comes at proper width. No futile folding. The sleeve has an unalterable width appropriate for a suit jacket, negating the tedious, imprecise process of laterally folding a handkerchief. The standard width is 8.5 cm, which works well with most suit jackets.
  • Top of the line pocket square holder for men suits and no sloppy slip. The pocket square is held in place by a Velcro-based support. This support consists of two opposing pieces of Velcro attached to a polyurethane mount. These form a pocket square support that joins the faces of the Velcro in the same manner that a bifold wallet closes.
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